A Private Client Experience

Whatever you need, whenever you need it.

A global hotel chain nailed the private client experience with their slogan, Whatever/Whenever. We believe that’s what a truly exceptional client experience should be—because service is all about people, and to us, it’s about two types of people: our clients and our advisors.
Investments, insurance and financial plans are essentially intangible products. You can’t touch them or feel them, yet judgments about them are made on the basis of the relationship between you and your investment advisor.

Our job, then, is to get to know the people and families who we serve as clients. Once we begin to truly understand your needs, circumstances, and goals, we purposefully and methodically build a team of expertise around you and your portfolio. These experienced specialists are locally based, so they’re right here in your community. Teams may consist of financial planners, wealth strategists, portfolio managers and more, usually five to seven people who are dedicated to you as our client. The team’s job is to deliver the full power of Wellington-Altus in a highly customized way.

We believe today’s clients are smart and armed with data, information and access to knowledge. The winning companies, especially in highly competitive industries like wealth management, will be the ones who can understand and anticipate what their clients really want.

With forward-thinking solutions and an unparalleled customer experience, Wellington-Altus aims to deliver what can only be considered a true private client experience.

Every client is unique and that’s why they come first. Not sales, not targets and not profitability minimums could take their place.

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