Darius Muica

Darius Muica


Senior Wealth Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager

Darius Muica is a Senior Wealth Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth. He holds an MBA in Investment Management from Concordia University and started his career with one of the Canadian banks where he quickly worked his way up to Senior Analyst, before moving over to an advisory role.
Darius has spent more than a decade building his wealth management practice, leading one of the top-growing teams at his previous firm, where he also sat on the Investment Council and Product Review Committee firm’s strategy in selecting investment products for their platform. Darius was also nominated for Young Achiever of the Year from Wealth Professional Magazine (2019, 2020, 2021) and was awarded as an Excellence awardee in 2021.
Darius works diligently with his clients, creating wealth plans that help clients organize and simplify their finances while empowering them to feel in control of the decisions they make. His practice focuses primarily on pension endowment fund style investing by adding alternative investments to portfolios. Darius believes in focusing on cash, risk, and investment management in a tax-efficient framework.

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization.

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