Dustin Van Der Hout

Dustin Van Der Hout

Senior Investment Advisor & Portfolio Manager

Dustin Van Der Hout’s ability to identify overlooked opportunities in the alternatives space and differentiated approach to value investing is the foundation of Van Der Hout Associates Wealth Management’s practice. Throughout the downturn and recovery of 2008, Dustin was a research analyst in New York at one of the most respected research-driven firms in the U.S. Working directly with the founder, chairman, and CEO, Dustin learned how to advise sophisticated, high-net-worth investors who demanded investment acumen. He went on to work alongside top portfolio managers across North America, developing unique strategies and sourcing individual equity ideas.

After years of communicating with C-level executives, attending industry conferences, and reading through diverse research reports, Dustin was driven in 2011 to start a practice advising private clients in his hometown, Toronto, and building his own team. There, he began to introduce pension fund-style investment solutions to business owners, professionals and their families while starting a family of his own.

Since starting his practice, he has grown his assets year after year and has continued to expand his team. He has earned a reputation as a valued and fast-growing advisor. Dustin has found a niche in value investing and analyzing alternative investments, working with a wide array of clients to meet their wealth goals through broad diversification, active management, and low-volatility portfolios. He also displays thought leadership through published articles, newsletters, and major publications.

Dustin enjoys spending time with his wife, their two daughters and their son. An avid reader, he devours books on history and finance and makes time to golf and ski.

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization.

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