Glendon Evans

Glen Evans


Senior Wealth Advisor & Portfolio Manager

Helping clients make sense of the world for over 25 years

For Canadian families wanting an investment expert who truly understands their personal financial goals, Glen Evans delivers personalized wealth management guided by integrity and clear communication. As a Portfolio Manager with over 25 years of experience, Glen adheres to the highest fiduciary standards. Yet what truly sets Glen apart is his talent for rendering complex financial topics accessible through a warm, instructive approach using anecdotes and storytelling that entertain while – informing – helping people make sense of the world.

A builder and continuous learner by nature

From his early career as an architect to his current career building resilient investment portfolios and wealth plans – Glen takes a methodical yet flexible approach. He conducts quarterly, in-depth reviews to ensure each family’s holdings remain optimized and on track for achieving their specific goals. Glen’s passion for continuous learning has made him an expert in quantitative portfolio management techniques. Recognizing that traditional buy-and-hold investing may not offer sufficient protection for retirees and those nearing retirement, Glen has developed active management strategies that reduce overall costs for clients while safeguarding their hard-earned capital.

Trust earned through transparency, care, and communication

The foundation Glen builds upon is trust, earned through transparency. This is why he patiently guides the next generation, connecting on a caring and personal level with his warm, approachable demeanor. As both an author and captivating storyteller, Glen makes financial education an engaging experience through his weekly newsletter, where his beloved Golden Retriever Rumble often makes cameo appearances.

Having spent over a decade providing discretionary portfolio management services, Glen recognizes the importance of clear communication as a fiduciary. He offers well-rounded insights for developing a life truly worth investing for. With a proven track record in both systematic and discretionary investing, Canadian families can feel at ease putting their financial futures in Glen’s capable hands as a Portfolio Manager upholding the highest ethical standards. He is committed to providing an exceptional client experience at every step, with the expertise to grow your wealth and the attentiveness that begins by truly understanding you and your goals.

When not discussing the finer points of modern portfolio theory, you might find Glen handcrafting elegant furniture pieces in his woodworking shop or lacing up his running shoes for a refreshing trail run.

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization.

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