Mark Purcell

Mark Purcell

B.A. Econ, MBA

Senior Investment Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Mark is passionate about enriching clients’ lives by striving to improve their financial situations. He believes that growing and protecting wealth can lead to positive outcomes for current clients and future generations. Fulfilling this goal requires a combination of experience, judgement, and professionalism which he has acquired through more than 25 years of wealth management experience. Mark has achieved his MBA designation which contributes to the fundamental role in the strategy for financial success.

His passion for investment management is second only to his family. Mark has been together with his wife since university. They have a son, Charlie, completing his undergraduate studies at Queen’s University and a son, Sam, enrolled at UVIC in Commerce. When not in the office Mark enjoys mountain biking in Cumberland, fishing the rivers and lakes of Vancouver Island and skiing on Mt Washington.

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