Patricia Clark

Patricia Clark

Senior Vice-President, Human Resources

Trish is an accomplished Senior Vice President of Human Resources, leveraging her 20+ years of expertise to deliver transformative strategies that unlock the immense potential of companies’ most valuable assets – their people. With a strong focus on developing, leading, and optimizing individual and team performance, Trish serves as a strategic business partner and a catalyst for innovative initiatives that tackle the pressing challenges faced by organizations today.

Driven by a deep passion for coaching and a steadfast commitment to empowering women, Trish actively promotes the realization of individuals’ full potential and actively contributes to breaking down barriers. Her dedication is further exemplified by her forthcoming appointment to the Executive Council of the Women of Wellington.

Trish’s extensive industry experience spans various sectors, amplifying her comprehensive understanding of diverse organizational landscapes. She holds esteemed credentials as a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) and a Certified Executive Coach (CEC).

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