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June Market Insights: Is AI The Next Goldrush?

We believe that an AI-driven productivity growth investment boom will be this cycle’s Gold Rush, and when coupled with demographics (Millennials), should provide the catalysts to reignite the secular bull market into the next decade.


Wellington-Altus Ranked #1 Investment Firm in Canada

Wellington-Altus Financial Inc. today announced that its private wealth division, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc., has retained its top spot as Canada’s number-one investment advisory firm in the 2023 Brokerage Report Card, for the fourth consecutive year.


Alternative Minimum Tax – When Does It Apply, How, And For Whom?

Background. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)1 is a second, alternate tax liability calculation that Canadian individuals and trusts must consider annually in parallel with their normal tax liability. First introduced in 1986, AMT was implemented to promote and maintain fairness within Canada’s income tax regime.

Market Insights May

May Market Insights: The FTX Fiasco Has Nothing To Do With Blockchain Adoption.

With the collapse of FTX and the fraud surrounding the crypto space, many have jumped to the incorrect
conclusion that the era of blockchain is over, done, akin to the long list of bubbles throughout history.
Unfortunately, fraud happens all the time. As former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan states:
“Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, these are all characteristics which exist everywhere.” Thus, the
FTX scandal will not stop blockchain—an open-source, transparent, distributed-ledger innovation—
from transforming business practices.


How Should I Compensate Myself: Salary Or Dividends?

Everyone’s situation is unique.
Tax is important, but incorporated business owners and professionals should also consider retirement planning, lifestyle and corporate cash flow needs when deciding to take compensation as salary, dividends, or a combination of the two.


Wellington-Altus Welcomes Jon Kilfoyle to Leadership Team

Wellington-Altus Financial Inc. (Wellington-Altus), parent company to Canada’s top-rated wealth management company*, today welcomed Jon Kilfoyle as Executive Vice-President, Products & Platforms of Wellington-Altus Financial Inc.