Bruce Henderson

Bruce Henderson


Senior Portfolio Manager

With close to four decades in the investment industry, Bruce is the founding partner of Henderson & Associates. His prudent and insightful portfolio expertise and management serve as the cornerstone of the H & A discretionary investment models. In addition to his depth of market knowledge and experience, Bruce was a long-standing member of his previous firm’s Chairman’s council for 24 consecutive years which recognized its top advisors in the country. Bruce has spent many years working as a Senior Wealth Advisor and Senior Portfolio Manager and he continues to help provide long term vision and strategic planning for the team. Bruce earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Economics) from the University of Winnipeg and subsequently a Masters of Business Administration Degree (Finance) from the University of Manitoba. Bruce’s community involvement includes recently serving on the Manitoba Club membership committee and he is currently on the Board of Directors of the Investment Dealers Association (IDA) as well as sitting on the IIROC hearing committee. Bruce spends much of his time very proudly serving on the Board of the Rossbrook House, which is a part of his family legacy. In his free time, he enjoys being social, staying active and spending time at the family cottage in Victoria Beach.

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization.

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