Darren Harrold

Darren Harrold

Senior Investment Advisor & Senior Portfolio Manager

I started my career as an investment advisor in 2006, working with clients through life milestones and collaborating to provide sound financial planning. In 2011, I obtained my registration as a Portfolio Manager. I am passionate about helping develop robust and constructive strategies to ensure the best decisions are made for you.

Prior to starting my career in financial services, I worked in real estate development and investor relations in Calgary’s energy sector. Witnessing family members endure negative investing experiences gave me the motivation to find a better process. My investment process incorporates risk management, which is paramount to any long-term investment strategy. I am here to protect your hard-earned capital. I take pride in finding investment solutions that provide my clients with the best opportunities for success and love discussing those solutions. If you are interested in learning about this process, please call me.

I have a BA from the University of Calgary. I enjoy spending time with my wife and two children and volunteering as a hockey coach. Cycling is my off-duty passion.

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization.

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