Josh Wong

Josh Wong


Senior Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Josh leads the Lions Gate Private Wealth Counsel Investment Committee and plays the leading role in trading, investment analysis, and portfolio construction for our clients.

He has an extensive background in investment research, portfolio construction, and risk management. After completing an Economics degree at Simon Fraser University, Josh earned a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation. As a CFA designation holder, Josh is recognized globally as having the gold-standard of professional excellence in the investment industry.

Josh was born and raised in Vancouver and now lives in Richmond. When not analyzing the markets, he can be found spotting planes with his loving wife Sandra, young son and daughter as well as enjoying the activities the city has to offer. He is an avid basketball, hockey and football fan, and enjoys shooting hoops outdoors when the time and weather allow. He also has served as a director for his local church community for three years.

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