Justin Charbonneau

Justin Charbonneau


Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

My role on the team is twofold: building and deepening new and existing relationships with high-net-worth families and helping manage West Oak’s investment management platform. What I enjoy most about working with the West Oak team is applying my 15 years of experience as both an institutional and retail portfolio manager to meet the specific objectives of each family that we serve. Investment management and capital markets are my passion. After earning my Chartered Financial Analyst ® designation, I became Lead Portfolio Manager for two mandates within a Calgary-based institutional asset management firm, and most recently was the Chief Investment Strategist for a large wealth management team at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions.

Being from northern Alberta, I grew up with small-town values including integrity, hard work and a growth mindset. My parents instilled these values and believed that education was the best path to future prosperity and a fulfilling life of growth and opportunities. Along with these values, having played high-level sports all my life, including through university, I’ve been primed to become a life-long learner and always look for ways to improve personally and professionally.

I am married to an entrepreneur, and we have two young, vibrant children and a small dog called Piper. I am an avid reader, love to try new foods and wines, travel, and spend time with our families who are in BC, Alberta, and Arizona. I also enjoy giving back to the community through several not-for-profit engagements. These commitments have included formerly acting Treasurer for Jewish Family Services Calgary (JFSC) and fundraising for various impactful organizations such as St. Mary’s University, the Down Syndrome Research Foundation, the YWCA, and the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Since 2012, I have been an active founding member of the CFA Society Calgary Investment Committee where I help with investment management oversight of the society’s capital reserves so our industry continues to set the bar higher in meeting investors’ needs.

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