Todd Degelman


Senior Wealth Advisor, Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc.

Founder, Wellington-Altus Financial Inc.

Todd is a nationally award-winning investment advisor, and co-founder of Wellington-Altus Private Wealth.

For 4 years running, Todd has placed in Wealth Professional’s Top 50 Advisors in Canada, has been named as a Top Advisor by The Globe and Mail for 2 years in a row and most recently, Todd was named the #1 Advisor in Saskatchewan by the Globe and Mail.

Todd’s philosophy: Keep it Simple. Make it Personal. Have fun!

For his clients, this means that he takes away the stress and complexity of planning their own financial future. He prioritizes what truly matters to his clients whether it’s family, business, or travel.

Todd surrounds himself with teammates who share his drive for sound investment decisions seeking strong investment results and a commitment to client service.

Todd co-founded Wellington-Altus in 2017. Wellington-Altus Private Wealth has been rated the #1 Wealth Advisory Firm in Canada for three years running (2020-2022) by the Investment Executive Report Card.

Outside of the office, Todd has 4 kids who always keep him on his toes. He likes to stay fit, and frequently attends spin classes taught by one of his associates. He loves to travel and spend time with family.

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