Frank Laferriere

Frank Laferriere


Executive Vice-President, Digital Strategy and Compliance, Wellington-Altus Financial Inc.

President, Wellington-Altus USA Inc.

Bringing a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in the Canadian and international financial services industry, Frank Laferriere is Executive Vice-President, Digital Strategy and Compliance at Wellington-Altus. With a diverse skill set that encompasses technology, operations, product development, compliance, finance, and asset management, Frank has excelled in executive-level positions, demonstrating his ability to build and scale businesses while driving essential enterprise initiatives.

His Chartered Professional Accountant designation, coupled with prior experience as a CFO in financial services, equips him with the expertise to identify solutions tailored to the specific needs of our business. With a deep understanding of financial services, Frank brings invaluable firsthand knowledge of the activities and tools employed by advisory teams, allowing him to play a pivotal role in shaping Wellington-Altus’ digital strategy and delivering a unique digital offering.

Prior to joining Wellington-Altus, Frank served as the Chief Operating Officer at the Mandeville Group of Companies, showcasing his exceptional leadership abilities and operational acumen.

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