Christopher Fryett Miller

Chris Fryett-Miller


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Christopher Fryett Miller

Chris Fryett-Miller is an Investment Advisor at Wellington Altus Private Wealth. Chris’s philosophy around wealth management is simple yet profoundly effective. The process begins with gaining a deep understanding of what each client’s goals are. Chris then uses his knowledge to tax effectively invest client’s capital, with a special emphasis on capital preservation and risk management.

Chris was raised in Saskatoon, attending the University of Saskatchewan where he studied Engineering before graduating with a Finance Degree. With a passion for athletics he has been involved in sport his entire life. Chris enjoys coaching and playing basketball and golf in his spare time.

Wellington-Altus Gestion Privée est membre du Fonds canadien de protection des épargnants et de l’Organisme canadien de réglementation du commerce des valeurs mobilières.