Jeff Abernot

Jeff Abernot

Conseiller en placement principal

Goals and Dreams in Action

It’s about more than just money. It’s about building and enjoying wealth in a way that allows you to live life as fulfilled as possible.

I’m passionate about helping you live large and have your wealth fuel your adventures, no matter the scale. The sacrifice and dedication behind the ongoing accumulation of wealth have one goal, to one day enjoy a better life. This comes from knowing how to prioritize and chase that goal with vigour and purpose. I provide corporations, small businesses, and high-net-worth individuals with solid advice and experienced planning that is central to success.

My aggregate approach to financial prosperity and living the life that fulfils you, your family, and your business is transformational. I believe in teamwork and making sure your questions are expertly answered. I have access to a deep pool of intellectual capital and resources that ensure your goals and dreams are built on a lasting foundation. Moreover, I have an outstanding associate behind me that shares my passion and helps drive my business to new heights. We constantly leverage our skills in a dynamic environment to ensure your every need is met in a proactive manner.

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